AGBU Youth Holland members interviewed Mr. Khachik Balikjian to gain more information about him and his background.

Watch the interview:

More information regarding Mr. Khachik Balikjian lecture can be found here.

Mr. Balikjian is born in Istanbul. His father is from Istanbul and his mother is from Malatia, Turkey.

He finished his primary school at the orphanage Dikran Karageozian School. In 1967 he moved to Jerusalem in an Armenian monastery to finish his studies.

He moved to the Netherlands in 1986 where he worked as a jeweler, then from 2006 till 2008 he worked at the Armenian church in Amsterdam as an accountant.

Mr. Balikjian is going to give a lecture about the history of the Armenian Church in Amsterdam. He’ll be sharing how he found the information and pictures that he has regarding the church.

In his point of view all Armenians who live in the Netherlands should know about the history of the Armenian Church in the Netherlands. He believes that every Armenian should be well informed about their importance to the Dutch community.

Everyone is welcome to join this wonderful lecture of Mr. Balikjian in the “Gulbenkian hall” of the Armenian Church in Almelo.